What is Jam Nutrition?

Jam Nutrition was created by nutritionist and foodie Julie Marks, MS, to help those with special nutrition and dietary needs find ways to enjoy food to the fullest. Jam Nutrition seeks to bridge the sometimes overwhelming gap between what you've been told to eat for your health and actually getting those foods onto your plate and into your tummy in a way that is delicious and nourishing to your body. To do this, Jam Nutrition utilizes a variety of therapies and services such as private, in-home cooking lessons, personal chef services, recipe and menu development, grocery store tours, and nutritional counseling.

Jam Nutrition specializes in working with diet therapies such as the Low-FODMAP Diet, the Simple Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), the SIBO-Specific diet, GAPS, and the Paleo diet; as well as other diet protocols for conditions such as gallbladder disease and gallstones, inflammatory conditions and autoimmune diseases, and cardiovascular health.


 All About Julie    

Julie has always been interested in making and eating food, but its connection to nutrition and nourishment for our bodies did not occur until her college years when she started healing her relationship with food after struggling with an eating disorder. After college (during which she studied music because she hadn't found her passion for nutrition just yet), Julie decided to pursue some formal education in nutrition  through the online Global College of Natural Medicine where she completed a certificate in Nutritional Consulting. This training only scratched the surface of nutrition knowledge, so Julie decided to pursue further education. In 2015, Julie completed a Master of Science in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM, formerly NCNM) in Portland, Oregon, where she has lived for the last seven years.


In the years prior to finishing her master's degree, Julie dealt with several personal and family health problems that guided her focus into cooking for digestive disorders. Because her husband has SIBO, Julie has spent much of her time and energy developing meals that are SIBO-safe, and she spent her time at NUNM honing her cooking skills and researching and practicing therapeutic diet protocols for digestive healing. Julie has attended the SIBO Symposium every year at NUNM for the past three years to stay up-to-date on the latest therapeutic diets for intestinal health. She also completed a cooking internship with the Food As Medicine Institute, a nonprofit that teaches community nutrition classes in Portland and the surrounding communities.



Julie currently works with people through her business, Jam Nutrition, by going to their homes and teaching them how to cook or cooking for them. She also has been collaborating with a naturopathic doctor in Portland on a cook book (not released yet!) by testing and editing recipes.

In her free time, Julie loves hanging out with her husband John and their border terrier Carmello. Julie also loves spending time with friends, eating, cooking, wine tasting, dancing, traveling, and summertime in Portland.


Please feel free to Contact Julie with any questions. She'd love to connect with you!